Ready to uplevel your customer experience?

Imagine this...

Your premium membership or group program is full of mission-driven folks who love your program, get results, and renew month after month.


You’re able to step away as the CEO for much-needed vacations regularly without worry that your clients won’t be taken care of or that you’ll come back to complaints (or worse).


You’re able to predictably forecast client needs and monitor the health of your client accounts, as you’ve got the proper tools in place to gather relevant customer data which allows you to guide customers to hit pre-determined milestones and plan for the future.


You get results for your clients and they are happier in turn. So happy that you barely have to market because word of mouth has people clamoring to enter your programs as soon as you open the door.

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Is this your current reality?

The truth is that most business owners don’t know how to effectively utilize real-time customer data to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Don’t worry, this isn’t your fault.

Marketers do a great job teaching us how to sell people into our programs or purchase our offers but do absolutely nothing in terms of teaching us how to improve our programs and keep those clients in our orbit.

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Here are some shocking stats:

  • A 5% increase in customer loyalty can lead to profitability gains of 25-90%
  • 42% of consumers have no problem paying more for a friendly experience
  • 65% say a positive experience has more influence on their purchasing decisions than advertising
  • Data should drive your process and its iterations — and it should fuel your entire marketing strategy if you want to see success in 2023. - Bryan Law, ZoomInfo CMO

Has your business fallen prey to these issues? Don't worry, we can fix it together.

Hey, I'm Brittney

I'm a Customer Experience Specialist, Certified Operations Director, and the solution to your attrition woes.

I'm here to help you craft an exceptional experience for your customers that makes them feel seen, heard, and valued. Our work together will also set you up with the tools to gather the data you need to meet customer expectations without relying solely on your customers' feedback when provided. This goes beyond just onboarding.

The byproduct of this work together is an increased customer retention rate, your bookkeeper impressed (because, you know, profit growth), and taking a proactive approach so you can serve more customers without sacrificing quality!


Client Feedback


Jenn Leavitt

Digital Marketer

Brittney is a dream.

Working with her has completely changed the way I run my business. She cares deeply about you and your team's well being and how youre client feels on the other end.


Mia Francis-Poullin

Agency Owner

Brittney is the real deal.

When I think of customer experience, not just the operations stuff but the FEELINGS piece, I think of Brittney.

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Toni McCoy

Small Business Owner

Her attention to details is unmatched!

Brittney is thorough in her planning and processing. She goes the extra mile to make sure a project is done right, and not just complete.

How We Get Results

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We Assess

We review or create, your customer journey map so that we can strategize with a visual of what opportunities we have to meet customers where they are.

This is where we make immediate improvements to the experience customers have working with you; let's get you some quick wins.

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We Develop

We determine what data is going to be vital for you to understand your customers' desires, expectations, and needs. This requires the use of a customer success management tool; it allows you to continue delivering based on relevant customer data. No more reactive damage control.

I assist in finding the CSM tool that fits your needs to get your team up and running for success from the start.


We Improve

You'll have a Customer Experience playbook that I will craft for you, it includes guided training videos for your team to reference as they take over the maintenance of your new CSM tool and ongoing customer success work. This way, they know exactly what is required of them, and you receive 30 days of Slack access to me for adoption support.

Ready to work together?


This is a premium experience and it is designed specifically for your business needs.


This investment is $8K USD for a minimum 3-month partnership. We are currently booking roughly 3 weeks out. 2 part payment plan is available.


Take time off with the confidence that you're creating exceptional experiences for your customers that undoubtedly result in greater reach and increased revenue long-term.

Let's bring the human experience back to business