Ready For An Additional $10-20K/month? Increase Your Retention & Your Revenue

Here's the thing...

Your premium membership or group program is full of ideal clients, they get results, and love having access to you.


They trust your genius and were eager to invest with you. They're sold before getting on the call - your content does that for you. 


You make sales while you sleep. So why then are your retention rates so low?


Because your client experience is not up to par.

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Is this your current reality?

You've worked your ass off to build your empire. You even have a team of experts supporting you.

You spend your time serving your clients with your expertise, helping them to elevate in their respective fields - there's no question you're one of the best.


Still, you notice that you're spending way too much time acquiring new clients. You're scheduling guest podcast appearances back to back. You're a sought-after keynote speaker and have several speaking gigs that you've committed to this year. You have ads running but even that doesn't bring you much confidence in your ability to slow down at all.


The truth is that you believe that you have to constantly be marketing to keep your pipeline full. Don’t worry, this isn’t your fault.


Marketers do a great job teaching us how to sell people into our programs or purchase our offers but do absolutely nothing in terms of teaching us how to keep those clients in our programs and transform them into raving fans that refer us constant business.


Your retention rates are lacking and you're running yourself ragged with your attrition efforts.

Here are some shocking stats:

  • A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to profitability gains of 25-90%
  • 42% of consumers have no problem paying more for a friendly experience
  • 65% say a positive experience has more influence on their purchasing decisions than advertising
  • It's easier and more cost-effective to retain customers than to acquire new ones

Hey, I'm Brittney

I'm a Customer Experience Specialist, Certified Operations Director, and the solution to your attrition woes.


I'm here to help you craft an exceptional experience for your customers so that don't hesitate in renewing when the time comes because they feel seen, heard, and valued in your program. Our work together goes beyond just onboarding.


The byproduct of this work together is an increased customer retention rate, your bookkeeper impressed (because, you know, profit growth), and taking a proactive approach so you can serve more customers without sacrificing quality or sanity.


12+ Years of Customer Service Experience | CXPA Member | Exec. Contributor to Brainz Magazine | Certified Ops Director | B.A. in Psychology

Client Feedback


Jenn Leavitt

Digital Marketer

Brittney is a dream.

Working with her has completely changed the way I run my business. She cares deeply about you and your team's well being and how youre client feels on the other end.


Mia Francis-Poullin

Agency Owner

Brittney is the real deal.

When I think of customer experience, not just the operations stuff but the FEELINGS piece, I think of Brittney.

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Toni McCoy

Small Business Owner

Her attention to details is unmatched!

Brittney is thorough in her planning and processing. She goes the extra mile to make sure a project is done right, and not just complete.

How We Get Results

My Signature D.E.B.I. Framework

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We define the desired experience you want for your clients and evaluate what pitfalls are keeping you from the outcome.

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I build you a personalized success playbook with the exact actions we will take to drive your business goals and your clients' elevated experience.


You retain 2 weeks of Slack access to me as a guide for your team as they implement the success plan.

What to Expect


We dive deep into what you want clients to experience after they invest with you so we can create your desired outcome.


With just one additional renewal you'll have made back your investment.


Stop being "ON" all the time. Know your clients are in good hands - even if they aren't yours. Plan your next vacation without worry.