More renewals. More revenue. A better experience.

You're THE shit at what you do. That's NOT the problem.

Folks are ready to give you their cash cause they know you're secret sauce is just what they need to get to 7 figures and beyond.

They sign up, no problem. The thing that's concerning is that people aren't renewing at a rate that will allow you to hit your revenue goals.


You're bleeding clients

If even 1-2 additional clients renewed your revenue would increase by up to $20k!


The Retention Intensive

Choose your program of focus. In 4 hours we use my D.E.B.I. Framework to design your dream experience that will have clients ready to renew.

Customer Journey Mapping

Get Granular with the when, where, who, & how of setting clients up for success. Together we craft your customer journey from onboarding to offboarding so the gaps are visible and the solutions become possible. Book your consult to see if we're a fit 🙂


Client Experience Consulting

Weekly 90-minute strategy sessions with you and your leadership team to deep dive into continued iterations to ensure your client experience initiative stays top of mind without you having to lead it. Book your consult to see if we're a fit 🙂

Our Values Are Clear



We believe everyone deserves to be treated well. Our goal is to bring humanity back to business.



We are intentional in how we support our clients and theirs. That intentionality requires that we always be operating from a place of "what does the client want/need".



Details determine outcomes. We make sure that communication is clear ALWAYS. No more confusion of conflicting information creating friction for your clients.



Active listening has become a lost art. Know that when you partner with VSC, we hear you, and seek to understand your needs before any further action is taken.

Getting To Work

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We Assess


We assess the current state of things in your business, particularly around customer experience for your core offer.

This is where we define what pitfalls are keeping you from the outcome you desire - more recurring revenue.

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We Develop


I create a personalized success playbook with the exact actions that will drive your business goals and your clients success.

This is a personalized plan for your business that makes it simple for your team to take action immediately.

We're a good fit if...


You're a high-ticket Coach making $400K+ annually that runs a program or membership

My clients support coaches, consultants, public speakers, and others in their program or membership priced from 5-10K.


You want to bring humanity back to how business is done

You believe everyone deserves to be treated well and desire to run a customer-focused business. Your goal is to have the client be at the center of what you do and why you do it.


You know that this work is not a quick fix.

My clients are willing to put in the effort to create a better experience for their clients. They know this is a commitment that will result in raving fans and more referrals.


Got questions book a quick info session to get your answers!

Let's bring the human experience back to business